Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Smoothie Fail

I was so excited to make a smoothie with my new blender that I didn't even waste time looking up a recipe....or using a recipe from the booklet that came with it. I just threw some things together. It did not work out very well. :( So sad. I really was in such a frenzy that I did something silly...a basic no-no for seasoned smoothie-makers. I used ice AND frozen fruit. Frozen fruit is really fruit + ice so added ice made mine too thick. The main problem was the flavor. Blah. It needed something sweet-surprised? :) Here's what I threw in:
  • frozen mango
  • frozen mixed berries
  • crushed ice
  • skim milk
Once I tasted it- BLAH- I added some no calorie sweetener. Now that's just weird. I added some vanilla yogurt. Much better, but too sweet with the sweetener.

Next time I'm thinking I'll try something more like this:
  • frozen mango or strawberries
  • skim milk
  • vanilla yogurt
  • banana
What do you think? What is your favorite smoothie recipe? I am very tempted to make this toasted marshmallow milkshake...It's a good thing I was out of brown sugar vanilla bean ice cream....


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