Friday, December 10, 2010

A Baking Fail

Well, it happens to the best of us... My friend Alice and I made some delicious pumpkin cupcakes last Halloween. They were yummy, so she wanted to make them again- why not? Well, this time she used organic pumpkin. She called me telling me how AWFUL the cupcakes tasted, how weird the texture was and how she was never using organic pumpkin again. This didn't stop her from trying a third time. So she called me, and I came over to make them with her again. She even had all the ingredients laid out for me when I got there!

"Hmm... there doesn't seem to be a lot of batter," I said. Oh well- yum tastes good! We made mini-cupcakes. I checked on them while they were baking. "Man! These looks SO TINY!" They were mini, but these were micro mini cupcakes. I'm talking 1 inch tall! See?

hahaha I checked the recipe. " calls for self-rising flour?

"Is this what we used?" Light bulb....

Hmm we definitely did not use that. We used All Purpose flour and completely forgot to add baking powder! Eek... funny how we did it right last time! Needless to say we had a good laugh once we figured out that the poor organic pumpkin took the fall. They were still yummy, although a tad gummy- too bad we had quadruple the icing for our itty bitty treats! :)

Alice had just started a new job and was too embarrassed to bring these as her FIRST baked good! haha - don't blame you Alice...We'll get it right next time!

For those of you wondering how to make self-rising flour from All Purpose flour- for every 1 cup of flour, add 1 1/2 tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp salt!


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