Monday, June 20, 2011


I have a new buddy! OK, he's not mine, but I am basically a surrogate auntie to this sweet dog. G adopted him from Ausitn Pets Alive last week. Now they are best friends.

Before that he was in and out of the Austin Animal Shelter. And before that he was a Katrina rescue dog. It is so nice to know that his life has truly been saved! For those of you wondering, we were told that Gavin is a German Shepherd/Chow Mix. You may have noticed his blue tongue that is a signature feature of Chows!

Gavin is very docile, well-tempered and mostly well-behaved (occasionally he thinks the couch is more comfortable than his bed)! We think he is 7 years old and he is very well trained.

He loves to sleep, grumble, ride in the car, and run in the park-especially through sprinklers (while trying to bite the water)- what a perfect companion! haha

If you are living around Austin and looking to adopt a dog, I highly recommend Austin Pets Alive. They are dedicated to saving cats and dogs who might otherwise be put down at the Town Lake Animal shelter due to overcrowding.All the people there seemed to know Gavin and love him- how special! :)

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