Thursday, September 23, 2010

My New Helper

I forgot to include a note about my special helper in my post about Wednesday night's dinner. G is "babysitting" my friend S's dog, Sonny, for a couple days. He is soooo good and sweet! I think Sonny really wanted some chicken because while it was baking he kept going over to the oven and looking in- sorry big guy!

(This was taken a couple months ago- before his haircut!)

The past couple mornings I've gone over to G's place to take Sonny out for a run and he has been so protective of G - he thought I was an intruder yesterday! After running for about an hour, he was ready to play- although G was ready to go back to sleep! Here is a funny video the bf took after I dropped Sonny back at his place yesterday.

Here are the boys hanging out after dinner. He CANNOT stop talking about what a good dog he is!

(I couldn't get rid of the red-eye- he's not evil I swear!)

For those of you wondering, Sonny is a goldendoodle!

S- I think G will keep Sonny as long as you let him! :) Now only if I can teach Sonny to do the dishes...

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