Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Chocolate Sack

OK so let my preface this post by saying that the chocolate sack is a dessert and nothing else so don't even think about it.

On Monday I had a work dinner at Trulucks- a delicious seafood restaurant that also happens to have one of the best desserts in Austin. (For those of you who are questioning this, I'll have you know it was verified this morning on the radio! See list of best desserts in Austin per 94.7 here) I told everyone ALL day Monday about the chocolate sack and how much I loved it. It is basically a bag made of chocolate and filled with pound cake, fresh berries, whipped cream, and other delicious things. They turn it on its side, cut it open and pour mouth-watering chocolate ganache over the top (feeds like 5 so beware!). DELICIOUS! Unfortunately, I did not get a picture before it was cut, but here is a picture I stole from someone else.

(The waiter said they make the bag look so real by covering a wax paper bag in chocolate and letting it harden. I probably won't be attempting this anytime soon...)

And here I am with some happy coworkers!

And you may notice that this was not our only dessert (disclaimer: there were 8 of us). We also devoured their delicious carrot cake (Also on the top desserts list) and a coffee/chocolate ice cream cake (Named "The brown and white one" by B ), which I snagged a close up of here.

So when the waiter first arrived with the dessert tray he introduced us to the "Chocolate Bag" and it was pointed out (between fits of laughter) that I had been calling it the
"Chocolate sack" all day- which the waiter deemed inapproprtate. Great! I just wanted the chocolate- geez! :)

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. there is life apart from chocolate Wait till you try my old english trifle not something i have ever found in Texas !!


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