Monday, August 1, 2011

Homemade Bread & BLT

So I made this bread. I was going to share the recipe with you because it was going to be so wonderful. Fluffy and yeasty and delicious- oh and also healthy since I was going to use whole wheat white flour and honey instead of sugar. I had visions of having a lovely BLT sandwhich on my fluffy bread (obviously I envisioned the bread from the Czech Stop Bakery).....

Well, this is how it turned out. Obviously something went wrong.... If I knew what it was I would tell you.

I thought I followed the directions and have never had such a poor result from using yeast. I think the problem was that these should have been 1 loaf and not divided as the instructions said? No idea.

Anyway, I'm not giving you this recipe, but what I do have to share with you is a picture of an actually very yummy BLT sandwhich. I ended up using the bread like a French Baguette since it was so long and thin instead of slicing like a normal loaf! haha It tasted fine, but it was pretty dense. Nothing was coming between my BLT and me.

Happy Monday!

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P.S. I am still in California! Today I am probably laying out at the beach, eating some ice cream and doing a little shopping. You know, nothing too fun. :)

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  1. I ADORE THE CZECH STOP! Anytime we head south, we stop by there for some kolaches! :o)

    I also have a slight problem when I bake with pizza dough...always too dense and tough...and I always follow the directions! lol

    Anyway, I like your blog! I like reading blogs from people who live nearby (I'm in Dallas!) I plan to make those lemon bars sometime!


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