Monday, July 11, 2011

Guess Where I went?

For those of you in Texas, you have probably heard of the Czech Stop Bakery in Waco. Um it is AMAZING. So amazing that they have 2 seperate store fronts right next door with only about 49029801 different bakery items to choose from. Its not hard at all. Even if you wait in line for 20 minutes like I did, you still cannot make up your mind at the front. Which is obviously how I ended up with 6 kolaches, 2 cookie creme sandwiches, a loaf of bread and a peach cobbler. Basically, I left empty-handed.

You know its meant to be though when you forget to mention to your "driver" that you will NEED to make a stop at the Czech Stop, you doze off, and wake up from your cat nap as the car is taking the correct exit. Thank goodness it was next to Sonic. :)

I still have not mentioned where we were going. G had to go to Dallas to take care of some business at the last minute, so I volunteered to tag along (i.e. go to Sprinkles bakery) and babysit Gavin. I tried to meet up with some friends too, but it was so last minute that everyone already had plans. No biggie. I got Gavin a pupcake since he was so good and then we went to the dog park.

 Oh you know I had to get some more cupcakes too! I was a little upset they did not have my favorite, Strawberry, on Sundays, but that's OK. I got a milk chocolate, carrot cake, red velvet and a black and white (my second fave).

 So far, the test taster has approved of the kolaches, cookie sandwiches, the carrot cake (although he said mine is better- yippee! Recipe coming soon), and the milk chocolate cake (a bit dry). Obviously I have not eaten any of it.

OK. Um Need to go to the gym now. Bye.

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P.S. Here are the many looks of a dog sleeping in the car

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