Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter in the Big Easy - Finally Some Photos

It has taken me long enough, but really what did you expect? It always takes me a while to sit down and upload a bunch of photos! P.S. I just realized we forgot to take any family photos. :(

I took some graduation photos of Jeff in the backyard

Jacki and me

My cuddle bug!

The boys hanging out on the porch.

haha action shot!


I'm not sure if I have enough photos of this guy...

Nope, definitely not.

His first graduation gift!

Mom and J

J and me

Mom and me

<3 <3 <3

Delicious Easter dinner- salad, lobster, filet and baked potato- YUM!

I made my homemade Chocolate Cream Pie again!


Adorable and delicious Easter cookies from "The Cookie Lady" in New Orleans

French Toast Souffle for Easter brunch

Drool worthy

Real graduation photo :)

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