Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Congrats Jeff and a 'Nawlins Good Time

I can't believe my baby brother is officially a college graduate. Congrats Jeff- I'm so proud of you! :) Here are a few photos of the graduation and such. Obligatory picture of his back while crossing the stage included.

Everyone looking perky at 8:30 am

See the guy in the blue shirt in the middle? Go straight above his head and over to the left one. The guy with the yellow shawl thing is Jeff.

Mom and her "seester" Aunt Brenda in front of Tiger Stadium

Mike the Tiger statue

Family photo

Aunt Brenda, Jeff and cousin Breanne


He went for a swim

On his way to the stage!

Its official!

Post-graduation "linner" - AKA We didn't eat until 4pm and I've never been so hungry in my life!

Mommy and me

The Idahoians

Back in New Orleans- Jeff and his gf Molly at Emeril's

Silly sisters

Breanne and moi

cute cousins

Congrats baby bro!

Emeril makes the BEST banana cream pie. I refuse to share.
After all the graduation festivities, J returned to Baton Rouge to pack up his apartment and the 4 girls ventured out for a tour of the French Quarter. I've been many times, but I've never been on an official tour. It was VERY interesting. It was also VERY hot and humid. Did I mention that my mom thought she signed us up for a horse and buggy tour, but that it ended up being a walking tour? Lets just say I have an attractive camera strap tan going on. I can't complain- it beats the "no tan" thing I used to have going on!

NOT our carriage

Jackson Square

A very high Mississippi River

My beautiful momma

Brangelina's House!


This is how the policemen get around the Quarter

Inside St. Louis Cathedral

Guess where?

I am still drooling!

Too fun to eat!

always a jokester!
 PS I acquired a new gadget in NOLA- I know you just can't wait to find out. I'll post that soon.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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