Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is it still my birthday?

24 hours seems like a short time for a day when its your birthday. Especially when you are sleeping for 8 hours of it (I'm being optimistic) and working for 9 1/2 (also optimistic). Not that I'm complaining! I had a great time out at dinner with friends. Would you be shocked if I told you I surprised myself with a cupcake cake? :) Well it was from my Mom and Dad (Thanks guys!), but it might have been my idea...

I did take Friday off work to enjoy myself and really didn't get much done other than sleeping in and laundry, but I think beauty sleep is priceless.  My Aunt Cathie and Uncle David passed through Austin Friday night on their road trip back to San Diego, so of course I had to show them the Austin highlights.

Aunt Cathie and me at Guerro's- a local Mexican restaurant

Saturday one of my close friends from college (and roommate of 2 years!), Michelle, came to visit me from Houston and we had a fun night out!

Michelle and me downtown

Here are a few photos from my birthday dinner for your enjoyment. I guess I forgot to get one of the whole group, however I was very insistent on getting a photo with each person. Thank you everyone for making my birthday so special! :)

Brittney and me- IDK what was so funny?

Brittney, Mandy and Kelly

Sandy, Jessica and me

Jessica and me

Sandy and me

Alice and me

Justin and me

Jennifer and me

Kelly and me

Mandy and me

Kristin and me

Lindsay and me
Would you also be surprised to know that my kitchen gadget collection has grown just a tad? Here are just a few things that had the honor of gracing my collection:
Cupcake Pen

Mini Donut Pan
Anthropologie Flower Measuring Cups
Tovolo Pink Silicon Spoon
NordicWare Backyard Bugs Mini Bundt Pan
Mandolin Slicer
I saved some for you! (JK they are all eaten by now, sorry!)

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  1. You got the cupcake pen and mini doughnut pan?!? Woo hoo! Happy birthday, girl!

  2. haha Yes! I told you I added them to my wish list right after reading your post about them! haha I am dying to try all your yummy doughnut recipes- hopefully I will be able to test them out this weekend! :) Thanks Frieda!


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