Monday, March 14, 2011

Mom makes it to Austin!

I apologize for my lack of blogging last week. I do sort-of have an excuse- my sweet momma was in town for some much-needed girl time! She has been to Austin before, but not for almost a year and a half, and had never even seen my current apartment. We had four action-packed days of fun- including lots of shopping, eating, desserts, wineries, festivals, and a little educational visit to the Capitol. Its hard to take a lot of pictures when there's only two of you, but we tried! I sure do miss her! :)

As soon as we got back from the airport, she had a no-bake cookie craving! Recipe coming soon...
My favorite King Cake arrived in her carry-on!
Delicious dinner at Wink- loving the polka dots!
My beautiful Mamma at the Kite Festival

Me trying to fly my butterfly kite

So many kites!
Wine tasting in Fredericksburg, TX- cerca 11:30am...
Becker Vineyards
Feeling good!
Enough said

Perfect end to the afternoon
Bess- Sandra Bullock's restaurant in downtown Austin
Outside one of the "bachelor's" bars on West 6th St
Inside the Texas Capitol
Of course we managed to go on the day there was a big hooplah- Planned Parenthood protest
Mom and her friend Poornima
Last lunch at Nordstrom's Cafe- our fav!
 Phew. We were both so exhausted after this visit, but I had such a good time! Love you Mom! Next time I think we should squeeze in a visit to the spa... :)

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  1. Yum that king cake looks good.

  2. It was the best! :) Next year I might have to have some shipped in...

  3. I miss Nordy's Cafe so much! Of course I miss
    nordstrom a lot, but I miss their fries and amazing aioli so, so much.


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