Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coffee Filter Wreath

I've been wanting to make this wreath from The Nester for a while now. I finally did it! The best part? It cost less than $5. The second best part? I did it all myself! Total time took about 3 hours probably- but I did it in two parts since I ran out of filters halfway through. I just did it while sitting in front of the TV though, which is probably exactly what I would have been doing anyway! A couple minor hot glue burns (and a ruined manicure) later... TADA! :) Don't you love it? Arent' you proud of me? Why, thank you! :) You are too sweet.

Oh and I thought it was kinda cute that while I was doing my crafting "hobby," the bf was playing with his helicopter. When I took a break because I ran out of filters, he asked if I wanted to go outside to play.

Please take me outside?

A.K.A. go to the "lake" by our complex so he could play with his other "hobby"- a fancy remote-controlled boat.

Yes, those are my kitchen shears... sigh...

He had been trying to re-wire it and add more voltage. It was not 100% successful. That's as technical as I can be on that topic....

We had fun until it started raining so we headed back indoors for more craft time! :) Somehow on my second trip to the grocery store that day, I managed to find a lot more than coffee filters. Oh well, I felt very productive! :)

Want to make one for yourself? Good idea! Here's what you need:

  • Wicker wreath
  • about 350 XL (8-12 cup) white coffee filters - 2 packages for me
  • hot glue gun with lots of glue sticks
I left the plastic wrap on my wreath to make it less mess, but it doesn't really matter. You could use anykind of wreath. I was extra excited because my wreath was $2 (after 50% off) at Hobby Lobby.  First, take a bunch of filters and remove them one by one, from the stack so they are readily accessible.

You can play around with how you want to fold the filters, but I found this tutorial and ended up doing mine like this:

Fold in half. 

Fold in half again. 

Fold one more time and fold up the bottom triangle. This is the end you will hot glue onto the wreath. 

Start at the bottom of the outer edge and work your way up in sections. Staggering works wonders. 

You can make yours as full as you like.

100 filters

200 filters

200 filters
I just need to get some ribbon to hang it up now! :)

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  1. Your wreath is stunning! I love how beautiful it is in solid white. This would make a fabulous centerpiece at a bridal or baby shower!

  2. Aunt Peg- Thank you so much! :) Such a great idea to use it as a centerpiece too!

  3. You are so crafty! Sounds like a really nifty idea.


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