Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Night Out

Just came across these pictures on my camera. I know...I know... I should be coming across tons and tons of pictures from England and uploading them to share with you... Well, I have been coming across tons and tons of THOSE pictures, which is why I feel overwhelmed by them and haven't even looked at all of them together yet! Eek!

I'm setting a goal for myself to do that this weekend... Not like it's an excuse, but part of the problem is that the first 3 memory card-fulls of pictures only exist on the bf's laptop. I need to transfer them all to my laptop, choose, edit and upload! Hopefully telling all of you about this will make me more accountable!

Anyway, these pictures are from a night out with my roommate, A, and her bf, M a couple weekends ago. We rarely have time to go out for a nice, lesiurly meal these days- especially with the bf working such long hours doing geeky computer stuff! :) We went out to III Forks, our favorite steak place, and enjoyed some lovely company, great good and tasty watermelon martinis! The bonus? No cleanup!

Have a great week!


1 comment:

  1. the watermelon martini was a big hit :-) It was a great night!! Thanks guys.


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