Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Day in Austin, TX- 2/4/11

Say what?! I know to you folks pretty much everywhere else, this is nothing new and DEFINITELY nothing exciting, but bear with me! We get snow maybe once/year and everything shuts down. It really is dangerous on the roads- Texans have NO IDEA what they're doing. Now, I feel OK saying that because I'm not a native Texan. :) hehe I used to live up North (New Hampshire, Connecticut, Memphis), but its amazing how quickly one can forget what below freezing feels like! 

Since I was "working from home" on Friday, I sneaked outside to grab some shots of the winter wonderland before it was all gone. And you better believe it was the next day. In fact, although I played tennis with many layers Saturday morning, by the time I played again Sunday afternoon (I know! Look at me keeping up with my plan, right?!) I was wearing a skirt and tank top (And crossing my pale little fingers for a tan)! 

Anyway, I do feel bad for you snowed in folks. :( Keep warm and try some chili! I made some delicious Tortilla soup Friday night- will post that recipe later this week! 

Enjoy the rest of the snowy photos...

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  1. Some great angles on some of those pictures :) We just have lots of wind and drizzly rain here :(

  2. Thanks Sarah! I put in an effort, but you can tell I'm still having some issues with my white balance... ha I'm working on it! :)


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